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60,000 agents have left the business in 2023

Why have 60,000 real estate agents left the industry in 2023 already!
Top Real Estate Agents

With the rise of online platforms, technology, agent’s personal websites fighting for online traffic against the huge platforms could be one possible factor to this trend.  Marketing real estate has changed in the last 15 years 97% of consumers start their home search on the internet & the younger generations have a different expectation & behavior when it comes to purchasing a home.  They tend to rely more on digital platforms, online listings & virtual tours.  Many real estate agents have discovered that making it in the real estate industry is not a walk in the park.  Having the ability...

The Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act

Mortgage Debt Relief Act

Several weeks ago I had emailed a handful of my clients that potentially may have been affected if the Senate & Congress hadn't extended this bill.  If this bill wasn't extended it would have affected thousands of families across the United States!  Thank you to all that reached out to your local congress & Senators about this issue.  I’m glad to report that even though we didn't get the 2 year extension we were after at least they extended it for 2014.  Read More....